The ability to humidify your home is a great feature to add to an HVAC setup, as some parts of the year can be uncomfortably dry. Humidifiers come in many different forms, but for now we’ll look at the whole-house humidifier and see what it can offer you.

Design and Function

Most whole-house humidifiers follow a common overall design approach. They are often mounted to a furnace unit and act as an extra step between the internal furnace system and your ductwork. The unit is also usually controlled by a humidistat, which keeps a close watch on relative humidity in your home and adjusts the humidifier’s behaviour according to your settings. When activated, the humidifier will introduce evaporated water into the air heated by the furnace through differing devices depending on its type. The system receives water from a supply pipe which, as we know from last week’s blog, will leak if not properly maintained!

Distinctions Between Types

Despite this common process between units, there are important differences between whole-house humidifier designs. Bypass humidifiers utilize evaporator pads which moisten the air as it travels through either the return or supply ducts of the furnace. Similarly, fan-powered units perform the same process but with the help of an integrated fan system and the ability to produce more moisture than a bypass unit. Finally, a steam-based humidifier will get the job done by means of an electromechanical process that boils water into steam to be ventilated along with the air from the furnace.

Is It Right for Your Home?

There are a few solutions for home humidity control that are considered in contrast from a whole-house system, and perhaps the most common one is the portable humidifier. When you need improved humidity in only select spaces in a home, these work great in terms of size and flexibility. However, the central advantage to a whole-house humidifier, regardless of the type you have installed, is that it allows you a centralized, carefully controlled system by which the relative humidity your entire home can be conveniently regulated. As a local HVAC technician to get an opinion based on the unique needs of your home!

What types of humidifiers have you used in your home, and how have they worked out? If you’re still on the hunt for a unit that meets your requirements, the Climate Change YYC team is happy to answer any questions you might have. Call (403) 819-2156 to learn more!