Some home climate issues are a bit hidden and difficult to spot. Others are more apparent and easy to look out for. One that some homeowners may notice during winter is condensation, particularly on the insides of windows. Let’s take a look and find out what it means.

Recognizing It

There are many reasons why condensation can appear on various surfaces throughout your home. Not all of them are indicative to heating or ventilation issues, so it’s important to know how you can recognize the differences. It’s also important to look at surfaces other than windows, such as walls or the tank of a toilet. If it occurs persistently, it could have something to do with your heating and ventilation. Always keep an eye on windows in all rooms and consider whether or not window condensation is expected, considering any moisture that may be present in the room.

Why It Happens

During the winter, the difference between interior and exterior temperatures is particularly significant. Condensation is the result of warm, humid interior air making contact with a window whose temperature has been lowered by the winter weather outdoors. It can sometimes point to a problem with ventilation or humidity control. If a room is not ventilated properly and humidity is too high, you’ll probably observe repeated buildups of moisture that return even after wiping them off. A couple common examples is when moisture lingers on windows as a result of poor ventilation after cooking or showering.

What You Should Do

It’s important to be aware of this phenomenon and deal with it promptly, as accumulation of moisture can lead to a number of other problems. It can stain interior surfaces such as walls and it can lead to mould and other threats to air quality. The first thing to consider is how well ventilated your home is and how you’re using your heating system. Always use ventilation fans when necessary and don’t heat rooms to excessive temperatures. You should even consider an HVAC system that provides you with adequate interior humidity control. As usual, the better your system, the most comfortable and healthy your interior!

A warm and comfortable interior climate during winter is of the utmost importance for any home. This is why taking care of your HVAC equipment is so essential. From routine maintenance to urgent repairs, give our team a call at (403) 819-2156 today!