Healthy ductwork is the backbone of any good HVAC system. You depend on it year-round, from the coldest day of winter to the hottest day of summer. However, while we do stress the importance of keeping them clean, there are other duct problems to be aware of.

Physical Condition

Different types of ductwork may exhibit different forms of damage or physical wear depending on their age. Flexible, insulated ducts (the shiny tube-shaped ones) can sometimes be prone to damaging contortions, pressure, or folding. This is particularly common if they’re located in an attic that you use to store a large number of bulky items. Keep an eye on these ducts to make sure they are undisturbed and have adequate space around them. Regardless of what kind of ducts you have, duct leakage is not uncommon, so you should make sure that they are in good shape and properly sealed.

Temperature and Efficiency

It would be a shame for your furnace to do all that hard work to produce warm air if the air is no longer warm by the time it’s distributed throughout your home! If your ducts aren’t properly insulated, your winter will almost certainly be marked by a frustrating struggle to stay comfortable and maintain the efficiency of your system. The high energy bill that will come as a result will also be a rude awakening. Clean, well-insulated ducts are an essential component of your HVAC system, so be sure to bear this in mind if you’re experiencing unexpected drops in heat.


Sometimes, the shortcomings of your ductwork were already set in place before you moved in or during the installation of a new system. If ductwork is installed by a team that lacks experience and attention to detail, you’ll be the one to suffer for it, as you’ll be stuck trying to get problems diagnosed and repaired! If you’re experiencing any problems with distribution of heat, it’s important not to rule out the possibility that the ductwork needs some adjustments by a more proficient HVAC technician. Don’t hesitate to have an inspection carried out so you can be sure!

When was the last time you had a look at your ductwork? Even if you’ve recently had them professionally cleaned, it’s important to watch out for these other issues. Call Climate Change YYC at (403) 819-2156 and we’d be happy to answer your questions!