One of the first steps in your journey to a more comfortable home climate is the quote you receive from your installer. It’s important for you to get as detailed a breakdown of the proposed system as possible, and it’s just as important to know how this process will work!

Your Home

Everything begins with a friendly and productive conversation. Your A/C installer will typically have a discussion with you about what the climate of your home is currently like and what issues you’re hoping to address. Does one room in your house receive a large amount of sunlight and become particularly hot during the day? Do you find the the surrounding air quality conditions outside your home are affecting your health or comfort? The size of your home, how well insulated it is, your electrical system, pre-existing ductwork, and a number other conditions will be addressed during both this discussion and an inspection.

The System

Equipped with all the information they gathered when inspecting the site and speaking with you, a professional HVAC installer will usually deliberate what brand, model, and size system will suit your needs and how it should be installed. This varies widely depending on whether or not you already have an older system in place, what your personal requirements and budgetary circumstances might be, and more. The proposed system will optimally be the most durable and energy/cost efficient solution available. Your installer will provide you with a detailed breakdown of exactly what the system requires in terms of parts, labour, and other factors.

Questions to Ask

The estimation process can be even smoother when you know what to ask your installer while discussing the quote with them. It’s important to know that their company and its staff are licensed, bonded, insured, and have the experience necessary to exceed your expectations. What can they guarantee you in terms of warranty protection, liability, and the longevity of your system? What kinds of diagnostic and maintenance services can they provide as the need arises? What is the energy efficiency rating of the proposed system? Your best bet is to go with a company that can provide all these answers and more during the estimation process, ensuring that you get the most reliable service possible!

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