So, you’ve decided on a professional air conditioner installation? That’s great! Preparation is everything, and AC installation is no exception. If you’ve set the stage properly, things will be much easier for the technician, and your home will be ready for a cooler interior in no time.

Making Space

For a typical split air conditioning system installed at your home, there needs to be a place outside your house for the compressor and condenser to go. This is often beside the building on the other side of the wall from the rest of the system. It’s quite common for large stored items, a small shed, or trees and plant material to be present here. The best way to help give your installer the proper conditions for a smooth installation is to keep this area clean. As soon as you know where the unit is going to go, take some time to clear as much space as possible.

Maintaining Your Ducts

The last thing you want to do to your brand new central air conditioning system is compromise it with dust and dirt from the ducts in your home. This gunk is bad for both the AC unit itself and your health, as the air circulating throughout your interior will carry these unpleasant contaminants with it. Before an installation can take place, your ducts and duct covers should be as clean as possible. A professional cleaning will get you the best value for your system, giving your home pristine passageways for all that crisp, cool air.

Getting Informed

Do you know what type of air conditioner is best for your home? From the location of your building to your home’s specific windows, insulation, roof, and more, there are a wide range of factors that can go into making this decision. Finding the best system for you is often a matter of trusting in the right professionals. By consulting with an experienced and certified expert, you’ll be able to land on a solution that fits the unique requirements of your home and its occupants. Don’t hesitate to ask your technician what else will be necessary before installation. The more informed you are, the better and more worthwhile the installation will be!

Your air conditioner installation is a key step towards improvement in home comfort. If you’re looking for cleaner air and a cooler, more relaxing summer, give Climate Change a call at (403) 819-2156 to get started!