Some HVAC malfunctions have consequences that fly under the radar if you’re not paying close attention, while others are more abrupt. If your furnace has ever leaked water, you know that it often falls under the latter category, but do you know why it happens and how to prevent it?

Knowing Your Furnace

All HVAC furnaces have the potential to leak if not taken care of. The better you know your furnace, the more equipped you’ll be to look out for the problem. For instance, is your furnace a high-efficiency model? You can tell by the vent piping, which will be PVC as opposed to the metal piping of standard models. With a high-efficiency furnace, leakage will be caused by one issue, while with a medium-efficiency model it will be caused by another. Regardless of your furnace type, however, you’ll typically see water leakage accumulate at the base of the unit.

What Causes It?

A standard-efficiency furnace shouldn’t typically produce condensation, so if it is, this is probably due to flue piping that is of the wrong size. High-efficiency models, on the other hand, produce exhaust in the form of cool liquid and the resulting condensation is managed by a drainage system. If the drainage hose is blocked or damaged, you have a condensation leak. Humidifiers integrated into furnace systems also have the potential to leak their water content if their drainage paths are damaged or clogged. What these and other causes have in common are blockages, cracks, or other damage that has gone unnoticed due to lack of maintenance.

Consequences and Prevention

You may be quick to assume that leakage is a relatively mild problem, but it’s important to understand that this issue goes beyond simple staining or water damage. While some situations are less harmful than others, it can potentially have damaging effects on the inner workings and functionality of your unit, as clogged or faulty drainage is never something to be taken lightly. This is why it’s critical to stay on top of routine maintenance, keep an eye out for leakage, and call a certified HVAC technician as soon as you notice the problem!

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