In addition to regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment, one of the keys to a truly comfortable interior is the level of control you have over it. Many basic setups are capable of giving you a fair amount of flexibility, but a programmable thermostat is really hard to beat. Here’s why.

Timing is Everything

No one enjoys having to get up and make an adjustment to an appliance in their home every couple of hours. Meanwhile, if you have a fairly consistent daily schedule and routine, you probably know when your home will be full of occupants and when it will be empty. One of the central motivations behind programmable thermostats is the ability to schedule the conditions of your home climate as precisely as possible. This is also great for extended absences, whether on vacation or for frequent work-related travel. A modern HVAC system should offer the utmost level of control, and programmable thermostats make this possible.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, the control you have over your HVAC system isn’t just a matter of time and convenience. It’s also closely connected to energy consumption This is a twofold issue affecting both the environment and the energy costs you end up with each month, and it’s addressed beautiful by the right programmable thermostat. By only heating or cooling your home to the exact temperatures you find comfortable and in each room only when necessary, you’re saving a lot in the long term and curtailing the amount of energy you waste on empty spaces!

Reliable System, Reliable Maintenance

You and every occupant of your home rely upon your HVAC system year-round to have a comfortable interior with healthy air, the right humidity levels, and the right temperatures. It’s therefore imperative that this system is under your absolute control and can be relied upon to deliver the results you’ve invested in. Choosing a programmable thermostat that’s right for you, as well as having it installed by a certified HVAC team you can trust, means that you’ll be able to develop a great relationship with a group of technicians who are just as reliable as the system you’ve chosen for your home!

How much control do you have over your heating this winter? If you haven’t upgraded to a programmable thermostat, you’ve got lots to discover in terms of efficiency and convenience. Give Climate Change YYC a call at (403) 819-2156 to find out if it’s right for your home!